How To Play Ludo King With Your Friends? Explained In 2 Simple Steps

Ludo King is no. 1 gaming app in India. Thanks to Covid-19 the demand of Ludo King has grown several-fold. Ludo King is the number one destination to kill the time and relive all the childhood memories, digitally.

The joy of playing with friends, reactions when one kills another in the game is priceless and it doesn’t come when played online. Ludo King is available on both iOS and Android versions. We explain how to play the Ludo King with 2 simple steps.

Here is a step by step explanation on how to play Ludo King with friends:

Step 1:

Download Ludo King from the App/Play store. After proceeding with guest login (more preferable), click on play with friends.

Click on play with friends option.

Step 2:

You will seeĀ  2 options. If you select create, you become a host, and 8 digit code is created. Your friends have to paste that 8 digit code in join (besides create) option. The host can share 8 digit code with friends via WhatsApp, text message, email, and other options are given.

Create a room
Share 8 digit code
paste the 8 digit code in here

Tip: Before starting any game decide in advance who will host the game or else multiple hosts would create a game and extra time would be consumed where to join and where not.

Enjoy playing

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