How To Remove Ads In Instagram Stories? Explained In Just 2 Simple Steps

Instagram was the 4th most downloaded app in the 2010s decade. The popularity of Instagram has increased several-fold since many celebs are more and more active on Instagram than on Facebook. Instagram rolled out its photo and video ads in November 2013.

It becomes more and more frustrating when you are busy watching stories after a long tiring day of friends, family, and loved ones and suddenly ads pop up in between. What normal people have encountered is that ads pop up after watching 2 Instagram profile’s stories. It becomes even more frustrating when ads pop up even after watching just one profile story.

Here we will show you how to literally remove Instagram stories ads without downloading any kind of app:

Step 1:

Whenever you open Instagram you see stories. Instead of watching the stories from the beginning, I want you all to watch it from the end or at any point in between which you may like. But not from starting.

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Step 2:

Now after following step 1 and watching one’s Instagram story, instead of watching stories line wise, I want you all to watch it in reverse. So in this way, the person appearing 1st in your story will be the last one if you follow the above 2 steps.

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Tadaaaaa! Now watch Instagram stories like a pro without interruption of ads.

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