How To Save The Ludo King Game And Where Are Saved Games Stored?

Did you know that now you can save the ludo game which can be played later on?

With the ever-increasing popularity of Ludo Game among family and friends you can now save the game only to resume later when you wish to play.

Let’s check it out the following steps involved to save Ludo King game:

Step 1:

Open the Ludo King app and select the “PASS N PLAY” option. Then you have to choose a single game or a team-up. For our example purpose we have selected a single game option. After that you have to select the number of players and play.


Selecting the single-game option

Step 2:

While playing if you wish to quit the game then press the back button and select YES to quit. Then it will show you the SAVE GAME option. Select yes and name it if you have saved a lot of games to play later.

Select quit game – Yes
Save game – Yes

Step 3:

After a while if you wish to resume it go to “PASS N PLAY” again. Now remember you selected a single game option for this example? After selecting the said option and any number of players, it will show you LOAD SAVED GAMES. Select that option and you will find your previous game stored.

Load saved games

Note: Save game option works only in “PASS N PLAY”


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