35 Best PUBG Ban Memes: Funniest, Memes on PUBG Ban by Indian Government

Minutes after the Indian government banned PUBG, memes on PUBG ban flooded social media. These banned PUBG memes are an example of the creative mindset of people in India. The following are the best PUBG ban in India memes. Here is the list of best, funniest, humorous, and wittiest memes on PUBG ban by the Indian government.

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Wittiest Memes on PUBG Ban

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PUBG Ban Funny Memes

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Humorous Memes on PUBG Ban

PUBG Ban Funny Meme Videos

Threat Of Chinese Apps

The government on numerous occasions has released a list of multiple Chinese apps that should not be used for official and personal use. The government picks up top Chinese apps in India and lists them as spyware and malware that have the potential to carry out cyberattacks against India.

People in India have become more and more conscious about the Chinese apps because of the enormous threat they carry. Many of the lots are famous Chinese apps in India. While some Chinese apps are used by people on a daily basis.

All this is a list of Chinese apps used daily in India. These lists of Chinese apps include browsers, security apps, gaming apps, social apps, e-commerce apps, dating apps, etc. Thus India is surrounded by the ecosystem of Chinese apps.

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