Aamir Khan Erdogan: Why Aamir Khan is Trending on Twitter Today? What is Aamir Khan Trend Story?

Days after everything seemed to come back on track and the economy across the world also started opening. It was no different for the film industry to come back to normal. Many actors also started their shooting for their upcoming projects.

So Aamir Khan was in news recently. He took a flight and resumed the shooting for his upcoming movie Lal Singh Chaddha. What made Aamir Khan in headlines today? Here’s the answer exactly why Aamir Khan is trending on Twitter today.

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Aamir Khan trend Story: Why Aamir Khan is Trending?

So Aamir Khan recently took a flight for Turkey from where he started shooting for his upcoming movie. Aamir Khan was received by the first lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan. So what is the outrage all about?

India-Turkey Ties

  • Turkey is considered not very close to India diplomatically in recent times.
  • Turkey has backed Pakistan many times on the ongoing issues that include the country’s protest against Article 370.
  • Moreover, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan projects himself as the messiah of Muslims.
  • Turkey has already maintained very good relations with Pakistan, where most of the Muslim world seems to do the opposite.
  • The Indian government has also expressed its concerns on the fundings received by Turkish President backed organizations to radical Islamic groups operating in Kashmir and Kerala.
  • Also, Turkey has been establishing its influence on the Muslims living in the Indian sub-continent. The Indian government recently stated to avoid travels to Turkey for various reasons.

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Looking at these points, Khan’s meeting with the first lady was not so well received by the Indian audience. It is the reason why Aamir Khan stared trending on Twitter.

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Aamir Khan Emine Erdogan

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