Chris Evans Leaked Instagram Dick Video: Chris Evans Accidental Photo

Captain America aka Chris Evans accidentally uploaded a video on the Instagram story that featured his dick pic. A user screen-recorded the entire video that Chris Evans had uploaded before he removed the story. The video of Chris’ penis that got leaked was uploaded by him by mistake. Twitter and social media were then flooded with hilarious memes and jokes. This is the video that featured a dick that was uploaded by Chris Evans on Instagram, before deleting it.

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Chris Evans Leaked Dick Video of Instagram From YouTube

Chris’ dick picture can be seen at the end.

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Chris Evans Leaked penis Photo on Twitter

With proof that Chris uploaded his video in the Instagram story with the photo of his penis at the end. (video removed)

People did not stop till here. They went on to explore what was in Chris’ gallery. One photo that was in Chris’ gallery read “Guard That Pussy”.

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One user even commented that she didn’t care about Chris’ leaked dick pic. All she cared was about Evans’ “Guard That Pussy” pic in his phone gallery.

The photo was there for a brief moment before it was taken down.

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