Comedians making religious jokes: List of comedians making fun of religion and historical heroes

Freedom of Expression (FoE) is a good thing and everyone’s birthright, regardless of which country or which religion he/she is born into. Having a FoE is a basic right and one of the many basic rights guaranteed by the constitution of India. Many times, the jokes on historical heroes and religions go way too far and hurts the sentiments of people associated with them.

There used to be a time where dozens of comedians have made people laugh with clean comedy. So why current generation comedians use religion and historical heroes in stand-up acts just for the bread and butter? Freedom of Expression is often misused and then the “BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT” card is taken in defense to safeguard themselves by these so-called comedians. Here we look at stand-up comedians who have mocked historical heroes and religion in the name of comedy.

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Comedians poking fun of religion and historical heroes

Vir Das on Shivaji Maharaj

On Shivaji Maharaj’s statue being in Mumbai, when rumors of the statue that it will catch boats in the Arabian Sea were doing rounds on the social media Vir Das mocked the great King in his QnA session and said,

“So Shivaji is like (doing search expression). F*** it, even if he can’t spot, even if Shivaji is able to see a boat and be like ‘sup man’, like that, then the statue is worth it to me.”

Adar Malik on Ganesh Chaturthi

On the occasion of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, a comedian who goes by the name Adar Malik, in his live stand-up act mocked Lord Ganesha and referencing people who dance on such a big occasion, Adar said,

“Even Ganpati is like calm down. Fu** just drown me man. This is too much man. 50 speaker nai chaheye yaar. I have got pretty big ears. Really regret giving Lokmanya Tilak this idea.”

Sahil Shah on Shivaji Maharaj

On making fun of Shivaji Maharaj, Sahil Shah took reference of chess which mocking the great king and said,

“Shivaji used to play chess to plan his battle strategies, which is pretty cool. But in chess the king can move only one spot at a time. Which is kind of fu**all for Shivaji right. Can you imagine on the field he’s like ATA MAAJI SATAKLI! JAI MAHARASHTRA! AAAGH!”

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Alexander Babu on Lord Ganesha

Alex, joking on Lord Ganesha said,

“Huge head he has got. He is a very sedantary kind of guy. He doesn’t move around. He doesn’t exercise. Huge belly. He has got mouse in front of him. IT guy. Despite all the money and knowledge he has got he has been single forever.”

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Munawar Faruqui on Lord Ram

A comedian who goes by the name Munawar commented on Lord Ram and said,

“Mera piya ghar aaya oh Ramji! Like agar bhagwan ko response karna hai toh voh gaana kaisa haina! Like Mera piya ghar aaya oh Ramji! Ramji don’t give a f*** about your piya.”

Alokesh Sinha on Lord Hanuman

Another comedian who mocked on Lord Hanuman and said,

“Hanuman chalisa se ek do bhoot nahi bhi bhaage toh kya? Even dettol kills 99.99% kitanu”

Adel Rahman on Islam

Adel Rahman went on mocking Muslims and Islam. In his video her introduced himself as

“I’m a Muslim. My name is Adel. Yeah some people call me Adel, kuch log pyaar se Addu bulate hai and kuch Katwa.”

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