Disha Salian Death Report: Disha Salian Death Certificate and Report from Hospital

Sushant’s ex-manager Disha Salian committed suicide on the early morning of 8th June. Now, after 2 months of suicide, the probe is getting deeper and deeper. This case seems to have an endless investigation.

The centre has directed CBI to investigate in Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder case, there are hopes that Disha’s case will also be solved. Many have linked Sushant’s alleged murder case with Disha’s case. Here are the death reports of Disha Salian from the hospital.

Disha Salian Death Report

After Disha’s postmortem report was formed, the following was made her death report.

Disha’s death report photo 1.

Disha’s death report photo 2.

Disha’s death report photo 3.

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Practically speaking, there is no meaning of sharing this on the website. The reason why we have made public is simple – to let people know how these municipal hospitals write down the death report. It seems there is no seriousness adopted by these civic hospitals. This “dyslexic” writing prompted us to upload this document in public. Also, the Disha’s death report had already been made public by Times Now News TV channel.

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Blunders Made by Doctors and Police in Disha Salian Alleged “Murder” Case

Many mistakes have been made police and doctors. They have left many stone unturned. These mistakes have raised eyebrows and suspicion in the working nature of police, doctors, and hospitals. The following claims in Disha Salian’s case genuinely questions people’s faith in police and doctors.

  • Autopsy was done after 2 days of death. Autopsy was not done until the COVID test was made.
  • Postmortem’s video was not made (it is a normal protocol to make a video od postmortem)
  • Disha’s case file “accidentally” deleted by Malad Malwani Police Station
  • Disha’s clothes were not used as evidence for alleged rape and murder
  • No forensic team visited the crime scene
  • Examination of “Anal” and “Vagina” was also done which is usually ignored. It triggers the fact that something which she never wanted could have happened

The delay in autopsy results in the delay of gathering in evidence. These points raise serious doubts of the working of police and doctors.

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