Disha Salian Post Mortem Report: What was in Disha Salian’s Post Mortem Report?

A tragic event that happened on the early morning of 8th June. The events have turned around and what was considered earlier a simple case of suicide is now being observed as the case of homicide.

It was not until Sushant’s death that Disha Salian’s case rose to national prominence. Now that Sushant’s case has been taken over by the CBI, we can expect Disha to get justice of her death, if at all she is allegedly murdered.

Disha Salian Postmortem Report

Many news channels have released on what were the details in Disha’s postmortem report. The picture of Disha’s post-mortem report has not been shared by the media houses. Only a glimpse has been given. Here are the details observed from Disha’s post-mortem report as shared by the Republic TV

  • Falling from the 14th floor was considered as the reason of death
  • A nude body was recovered by the police
  • No clothes were recovered from the victims body
  • No ornaments were present on Disha’s body

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Disha’s postmortem concluded on 11th June, 4 days after her death. All the content in a 6-page postmortem report had been signed by Dr. Jadhav of Borivali Centre where she was admitted. Many stories of Disha are getting linked with Bollywood and politicians being involved. Disha’s parents have already clarified that the body was neither raped nor murdered. Disha’s parents have also claimed that they have accessed the post-mortem report,

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