Jacob Blake Age, Family Picture, Children: Is Jacob Blake Dead?

Months after the days-long protest of #BlackLivesMatter in the United States, there is a high chance that protests would start up all again. The Jacob Blake Police Shooting occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In a broad daylight, the victim whose name is Jacob Blake, unarmed, was shot 7-times by the police.

Why Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha?

It has been alleged that the victim, Jacob Blake, was trying to break-up a fight between 2 women. It was only after Police tried to stop him from going into the car, they shot him 7 times in the back, in front of his 4 children. When the police shot Jacob, he was unarmed. Jacob was then airlifted to the hospital where a surgery took place. As of now, Jacob is still in ICU, battling life and death.

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Is Jacob Blake Dead?

No, Jacob Blake is not dead yet. He is in hospital in Kenosha where is is being treated. Jacob Blake is in ICU. A surgery was carried out on him.

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Effects Post Jacob Was Shot

Riots emerged in the Kenosha demanding justice for Jacob. The #BlackLivesMatter movement also started gaining its momentum yet again. The world such as “Seven Times”, “Justice For Jacob” started trending on Twitter.

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Jacob Blake Age, Personal Life, Wiki

As on the day when Jacob Blake was shot by Police, he is 29 years of age. Jacob is also the father of 4 wonderful children. Jacob was about to get married. the lady who shouted to the policeman when they shot Jacob is most likely his fiancee.

Jacob Blake Family Pictures

Jacob Blake with his childrens.

Jacob Blake with his cousin.

Jacob Blake with his child.

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