Noor Bin Laden Official Instagram, Twitter Account and Website Name

Noor Bin Laden (also pronounced as Noor Bin Ladin) recently gave a statement that supports President Trump’s return to the power in upcoming US elections 2020. Noor is Osama Bin Laden’s niece and a Swiss-born currently residing in Geneva, Switzerland. Noor’s father, Yeslam Bin Laden was a half-brother of Osama Bin Laden.

Noor Bin Laden’s Official Instagram and Twitter Handles

Noor Bin Laden is active on Twitter and Instagram where she can be followed. Her Twitter and Instagram account reads:

Noor Bin Laden Twitter: @NoorBinLadin
Noor Bin Laden Instagram: @realnoorbl
Noor Bin Laden Website:

Noor’s Twitter and Instagram handles may be difficult to find out due to different spelling of the last name “Laden”.

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Noor Bin Ladin Statement on Donald Trump

Noor rose to limelight when she made a statement that supported Trump’s claim of another Presidential term. Noor said,

“I have not had a single bad experience with Americans despite the name that I carry. On the contrary, I was overwhelmed by their kindness and understanding.”

Noor further added,

“Only Trump can prevent another 9/11.”

Noor was born in 1987. Noor is one of the 3 sisters born to their parents. Among Noor’s siblings, she is the youngest. An outspoken and open-minded lady, Noor had openly supported Trump since early 2015, the time when Trump first announced that he will run for the White House.

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