Sushmita Sinha Instagram and Twitter: The Girl Trending Who Mocked Indian Gods and Goddesses

Mocking Hindu Gods and Goddesses has become a new trend. The ones who are the adherents of the religion are the ones who mock the most. Mocking ones own religion, proclaiming themselves as an atheists, relating every other festival as useless things are the new fad among Indian youth.

One such incident happened when a resident of Uttar Pradesh, Sushmita Sinha, who claims herself to be feminist, secular, and atheist very badly mocked the gods.

Sushmita Sinha Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Sushmita’s objectionable posts mocking ones faith came on her Instagram and Twitter account. On Instagram, she has over 3000 followers. She can also be followed on Twitter. She also owns a YouTube channel where she regularly uploads videos. Here’s Sushmita Sinha’s Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube account.

Sushmita Sinha Twitter:
Sushmita Sinha Instagram:
Sushmita Sinha YouTube:

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What is Sushmita Sinha Controversy and why is she Trending in Twitter

In a defamatory post Sushmita made, she said that in her toilet, she was out of toilet paper. She then posted a photo of a Hindu religious book instead of toilet paper. This clearly indicated that Sushmita wanted to use the religious book instead of toilet paper.

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This stirred a controversy and soon #SushmitaSinha and #ArrestSushmitaSinha started trending on Twitter.

Where Sushmita Sinha Works?

On Twitter user has said that Sushmita Sinha works at “Bolta Hindustan” , a newspaper publisher in New Delhi at Khizarabad Bhagol, New Friends Colony.

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