Is Today A Holiday On Death of Pranab Mukherjee? Are Banks Open Today on 1st September?

Pranab Mukherjee, an astounding statesman, former Bharat Ratna, passed away on the evening of 31st August. The former President was tested positive for Coronavirus.

On account of Pranab Da’s death, people have been asking whether today (1st September) is a holiday in India. Questions such as, “Is today a holiday in India”, “Is there a holiday today”, “Today banks open or close”, “Pranab Mukherjee holiday today”, etc., are being asked. We have answered all these questions below.

Is There A Holiday Today in India?

Naturally, the common demand was to declare a national holiday today, 1st September (Tuesday) to mourn Pranab Da’s death. As of now, except for the state of West Bengal, no notification for any type of holiday has been given by the Central Government. So people are requested to not fall prey to the fake news/messages of holiday in India for 1st September.

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Indian Government Declares 7-days National Mourning As A Mark Of Respect

One thing that the Indian government has declared is 7 days of national mourning as a mark of respect for Pranab Mukherjee. In 7 days of National mourning in India, all the regular activities will be performed. The nation will try to remember the memories and Pranab Da’s ideas in this 7-day period.

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Holiday in West Bengal to Commemorate Pranab Mukherjee’s Death

In the Indian state of West Bengal, there will be a statewide holiday on 1st September. All the state government offices in Bengal will remain close. In a statement issued by the Government of West Bengal, they said,

“All government and government aided offices and institutions closed tomorrow”.

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Will the banks be open in West Bengal?

It should also be noted that the Government of West Bengal has not clarified in this tweet regarding the closure of banks on 1st September. With no such clarification issued, we are assuming that banks will remain open in West Bengal and in the rest of India.

So to summarize, there is a holiday in State Government offices of West Bengal, Central Government has declared 7-day mourning as a mark of respect for the former President. The rest of India and other activities are expected to function as usual.

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