Video of Lawyer Babar Qadri Saying “Hindustan Murdabad” on National Television

In the recent shocking incident in Jammu and Kashmir, a prominent lawyer based in Srinagar was shot dead. The lawyer often used to fight take juvenile cases filed by the state. Qadri was a resident of Jammu and Kashmir and was a practicing lawyer for more than a decade.

Qadri was shot on Thursday by unidentified gunmen. He was declared dead on arrival. It has been alleged that he was shot dead by militants. Babar often used to come upon the national television for debates. One such shocking incident occurred when he appeared on the debate hosted by Arnab Goswami.

Babar Qadri Hindustan Murdabad Video

Video of Kashmiri Lawyer Babar Qadri shouting Hindustan Murdabad on Republic channel.

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Hours after Babar was killed, many people expressed their sympathies. The term “Hindustan Murdabad” also started trending on Twitter. Multiple accounts shared a throwback video of Babar Qadri shouting “Hindustan Murdabad” on national television. So this is the reason why “Hindustan Murdabad” is trending in Twitter today.

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Babar Qadri Age

Babar was aged 35 at the time of his death.

Babar Qadri Twitter

Babar was also active on Twitter. His Twitter ID is @BabarTruth.

About 3 days back, Babar had already said to the police that he had a threat to his life. Shortly after, on the evening of 24th September at 07:00 PM, Babar was gunned down where he was declared dead on arrival.

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