What Are Binod Memes and Why They Are Trending on Social Media? BINOD Memes Trend Story

The name “BINOD” has taken social media by storm. So what exactly is this BINOD meme trend all about? Why people are making these BINOD memes? Who is this BINOD guy? Why BINOD memes are trending?

Everywhere you go, may it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even YouTube, you will see the Binod memes are trending. No platform is left without BINOD. Here’s the reason as to why BINOD memes are trending and the story behind BINOD memes trend.

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BINOD Memes Trend Story: How it all began?

To know the BINOD story on social media, we first have to go 3 weeks back. An Indian YouTuber who goes by the name “Slayy Point”, started talking about YouTube comments and how trash they have become. He came across a user named “Binod Tharu” who had simply commented in one of the videos as “Binod”. This trend then took the internet by storm. Everywhere you go, no matter how serious, funny, and informational the post is, people will definitely come up with the comment “BINOD” without any reason. This commenting of “BINOD” has become a trend. Even CarryMinati’s live stream was attacked the users commenting BINOD and spamming.

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What Happened Thereafter?

Actually the main thing was how funny are the Indian users on YouTube. Even you might have come across the people that happen to comment in the YouTube comment section only their name, nothing else. Slayy Point’s video also made the fun of that fact. And BINOD was the prime example of it. After the video was watched by millions of people, over a thousand YouTube names were changed to “Binod Tharu”. Even if you search Binod Tharu on YouTube, you will come across many people with similar IDs. It seems now who the original is, has already been lost.

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