What Happened To FakingNews Website? Why FakingNews Has Stopped Working? Is FakingNews Dead?

FakingNews was the first news satire portal of India. Started by Rahul Roushan in the year 2008, it subsequently grew to one of the top satire portals of India. FakingNews used to take on the issue of Indian politics and society on a daily basis.

All of a sudden, people were not able to access the FakingNews website. So the common questions that have been asked are – Why FakingNews stopped? What happened to FakingNews? Is FakingNews dead?

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What happened to FakingNews?

FakingNews officially ceased its operations in July 2020. It was a platform where users could send their satirical content, after the approval by FakingNews editors. All of a sudden, in July 2020 the FakingNews website stopped working. They neither gave any intimation nor any statements regarding their closure. In their Twitter handle @fakingnews, they have deleted all of their tweets. They are only left with 50 followers. They tweeted the following tweet on 11th July, the day they stopped operations:

On YouTube, where they used to upload Robert Vadra’s funny videos, is said to have near about 300k subscribers. FakingNews has removed all of their videos from their YouTube channel. On Facebook, FakingNews is not active, with the last post coming way back in 2019. They also have kept an Instagram account @fakingnewsfn with just 13 posts so far.

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Why FakingNews Stopped Working?

Talking about the reason why FakingNews stopped their operations, the reasons may range from low revenue to lack of creative content. The most likely reason as to why FakingNews stopped working could be attributed to low revenue. Taking statistics from SimilarWeb, FakingNews just had 370K visitors on their website. In a country like India, where 95% of the FakingNews’ visitors came from, the revenue share from Google Adsense is way too low. This could have possibly forced FakingNews to shut down its operations. Although, no official statement has received so far from FakingNews in this regard.

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FakingNews was acquired by FirstPost in 2013. FirstPost is itself owned by News18. So after acquisition, FakingNews wasa part of News18 group. FakingNews has still retained the domain “fakingnews.com”. There are chances that in near future, the website can its comeback.

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