What is #15LakhAaGaye and why it is trending on Twitter?

To know what exactly this trend of #15LakhAaGaye is, we first have to go back in 2014. In the year 2014, when Narendra Modi was campaigning for PM post he delivered many speeches. One his the speech he delivered, Modi said,

“If all the black money were taken out of the Swiss Bank and given to each and every poor Indian, everyone would receive an amount equivalent to Rs. 15-20 Lakhs. So you can imagine the black money which is lying in the Swiss Bank”.

This was taken as a point by the opposition to mock. Rumors were spread out that Modi’s BJP party said in its manifesto to give Rs. 15 Lakhs to each and every citizens, which was completely false.

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What trend of #15LakhsAaGaye is all about?

Day after day with the ever-increasing cases of Coronavirus, the numbers are about to cross 15 lakhs. So people are trolling the current government using hashtag #15LakhAaGaye – meaning 15 lakh cases of coronavirus have arrived, indirectly reminding them of the promise of Rs. 15 lakhs. Here are some of the tweets of Rs. 15 Lakhs Aa Gaye trend on Twitter.

So people have been linking the current situation of Coronavirus in India to the promise of Rs. 15 lakhs which is supposedly a complete false. Here’s the video of Narendra Modi of his Rs. 15 lakhs speech.

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