Why Babooshka is trending on Twitter? What is Babooshka trend? #Babooshka Trend Story

Strange trends often come up with no reason on Twitter. The only thing that lets Twitteratis wonder is what exactly is this trend all about. It leads to frustration when you are the one who does not get the joke until the very end when everyone is laughing. So what is this #Babooshka trend on Twitter? Why #Babooshka is trending on Twitter today. Here’s looking into the Babooshka trend story.

Babooshka Trend Story on Twitter

If you are wondering this trend is about Anushka Sharma, then my friend, you are mistaken. A Twitter user who goes by the name sanyam|ishani supremacy with ID @Sanyxm tweeted,

“50 replies with #babooshka (and write something with it cause just the hashtag don’t count) and I’ll propose to my crush and share ss”

Now, this is altogether a different topic as to why he wanted people to reply with the #Babooshka hashtag. Possibly it might have been related to his crush. So the main point here is that all he wanted was at least 50 replies on his tweet. But soon, people started using this hashtag and made it related to Anushka Sharma, since the name “ooshka” in Babushka sounds familiar to Anushka. Also, the reason why these people made relation to Anushka was that she was recently involved in a controversy with Sunil Gavaskar. So if you thought what #Babooshka was all about, this is the reason why it made it to the trends on Twitter.

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People making a relation of Babooshka with Anushka.

Long story short, this is nowhere related to Anushka Sharma. The true meaning of Babushka is an elderly or a grand mother.

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