Why #FreeNickJonas is trending on Twitter? What is #FreeNickJonas

There have been many trends in the past few days that have caught the attention of Twitteratis. Like Binod, #CBIforSSR, #KritiSanon, etc. On many occasions, some trends appear out of nowhere. Many trends are paid trends while some are fan-made. But what made Piggy Chops’ hubby Nick Jonas trend on Twitter today?

Here’s looking at exactly why #FreeNickJonas is trending on Twitter today.

What is Free Nick Jonas trend and why is it trending on Twitter today?

So far, there have been over 2000 tweets for #FreeNickJonas hashtag. Many users also asked whether Nick Jonas is arrested by the police. This raised a suspicion and we searched for the whereabouts of the American singer. Nick Jonas is not arrested by the police. The possible reason why #FreeNickJonas is trending is the photo below.

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This picture of Nick Jonas is from the 2014 photoshoot. It seems this picture has gone viral somehow at present as thus, giving rise to the new trend #FreeNickJonas. Also, this lockdown has brought the Twitterati and all the netizens to do a lot of bizarre things. It is also the reason why many unusual trends have picked up in this pandemic as compared to the time when there was no such pandemic thing.

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Free Nick Jonas – Change.org

The fans of Nick-Priyanka have went a step ahead and made a petition on change.org to Free Nick Jonas.

So we conclude that apart from that picture, the second possible reason why #FreeNickJonas is trending could be out of context. Just trending Nick Jonas like people did it with #Binod.

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