Jassi Khalistani and Avon Choudhary Fight Explained: Jassi Khalistani and Avon (Haryanvi guy) Controversy

So the controversy erupted between a Sikh guy named Jassi and a Haryanvi guy named Avon. The fight neither happened in Haryana, nor in Punjab, and nowhere else in India. The fight between the people of 2 groups took place way far in Australia.

What is the controversy and fight about Jassi Khalistani?

The bloody brawl took place at Harris Park in Sydney. The fight started when a TikToker named jassi_jii posted some anti-India and pro-Khalistani content on TikTok. Many Indians opposed and condemned his content, still, he continued making his anti-national videos. He was told to stop by Avon Choudhary along with many other people, the Haryanvi guy we mentioned about. From what is known from this video, Avon along with the support from his friends challenged Jassi to come to Harris Park.

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Both of these people Avon and Jassi, convinced their friends to come over for the fight. This was the reply by Avon to Jassi’s video, before beating up Jassi.

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Jassi was deeply hurt after the fight. He was not dead. But he was bleeding from his mouth. Thereafter, the 9News, an Australian channel reported that members of the Haryanvi and Punjabi community have stepped in to defuse the situation. One of the leaders was also quoted saying,

“This does not represent our community.”

No arrests have been made so far by the Sydney Police. No person is reported to have died or sustained any major injuries.

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