What is Sonia Sena? What is the meaning of Sonia Sena?

You might have encountered the “Sonia Sena” term on social media and especially on Arnab Goswami’s Republic channel. So what exactly Sonia Sena term means? What is the meaning of Sonia Sena? In this article, there is a detailed explanation of “Sonia Sena” and how and when this term originated.

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What is Sonia Sena? Meaning of Sonia Sena

In November 2019, just after Maharashtra Assembly Elections, it was not clear who will form the government. After talks for several days, it was finally agreed to form a government with 3 political parties, which was Sonia Gandhi led Congress, NCP, and Shiv Sena. After forming the government, users on social media started calling them “Sonia Sena”, a term which was a combination of “Sonia” Gandhi and Shiv “Sena”.

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Who made the “Sonia Sena” term popular?

After the Sadhus were lynched by a deadly mob at Palghar in April, Republic’s Arnab in a series of questions, took on the Government of Maharashtra. In the series of questions, Arnab called the current government of Maharashtra as the Sonia Sena government. Arnab’s questioning was due to the inaction by the government. Despite Shiv Sena at the helm of power, Arnab said it was less of Shiv Sena’s power and control and more of Congress-NCP, also known as “Sonia Sena’s” control.

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