What is the meaning of E-Lafda? What Does E Lafda Mean?

You might have come across this term “E Lafda” on a number of occasions. It is an internet slang used extensively on Twitter, Facebook and, Instagram. Users comment “E Lafda post”, “E Lafda coming”, “Me on my way to E-Lafda” on any controversial posts shared by the pages.

So what is this E Lafda? What does it mean? Read out to know more about the term and meaning of E-Lafda.

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E Lafda Meaning

“Lafda” is a popular Mumbai slang used to describe a fight or a problem that has occurred or someone has completely messed up something. So E-Lafda means “Electronic Lafda”, a fight that happens over the medium of electronic which is the Internet, thus giving a new term “E-Lafda”.

Also, whenever you see a communal post, or a political post, you would see “e lafda coming” comments or something which involves E Lafda in the comments, always remember they are talking about electronic (E) Lafda.

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