What is this Rasode Mein Kaun Tha Meme? Rasode Me Kaun Tha Trend Story

The lockdown and pandemic has brought the best out of everyone. People are looking for creative ideas and work to make themselves hooked up.

It all started with the meme video.

A little known (now famous) YouTuber, singer, and musician named Yash Mukhate made a funny video on Star Plus’ daily soap Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (SNS). The clip from the serial from what was a serious Saas-Bahu drama, it had been converted into the most trending video for the month of August.

What is this Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?

In (SNS), 2 cousin sisters are married to real brothers and daughters-in-law of the same house. One daughter-in-law is old fashioned Gopi Bahu and the other is modern Rashi. Rashi always puts Gopi Bahu in the problem. When their Sasu-ma (mother-in-law) Kokilaben goes for a bath, Rashi quietly removes Chana (Gram) from the cooker. When Kokilaben finds out the empty cooker, she questions Gopi Bahu and asks “Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?”

In Gujarat and Gujarati households, Rasoda means Kitchen. So Kokilaben was asking as to who put the empty cooker on the gas and removed the Grams. This was soon picked up as the new trends and gave a new life form to the memers. From what was a serious scene, it was now converted into a musical-comedy video.

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Rasode Me Kaun Tha Song and Video

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Rasode Me Kaun Tha Lyrics

Kokila Ben : Kal meri Saari pe juice gira tha
Aur mein dobaara nahane gayi thi
Tum chane cooker par Chadakar mere pas aayi thi
Tab Rasode me kaun tha?
Waahan Kaun tha?
Mein thi?
Tum Thi?
Mein thi? Tum Thi? Kaun Tha?
Kaun tha?

Gopi Bahu : Rashi Ben!

Kokila Ben : Yeh Rashi Thi
Cooker Mein se chane nikal diye
Aur Khaali Cooker gas par Chadha diya

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