Why 9 Baje 9 Minute is Trending on Twitter Today on 6th September? What is #9Baje9Minute Trend Story?

Today, on 6th September, the hashtag #9Baje9Minute has taken Indian Twitterati by storm. More than 30K tweets have been made using this hashtag at the time of writing this article. So why is this term trending today? Who started this trend of #9Baje9Minute? Let’s have a look.

What is #9Baje9minute Trend on Twitter?

“9 baje 9 minute” was the term popularized by PM Modi when he addressed the nation at the beginning of April 2020. PM Modi requested Indians to come at their home balcony, turn off home lights, light diyas or switch on their mobile flashlights at sharp 09:00 PM for 9 minutes on 5th April, to thank the people on COVID-19 duty. Another “9 baje 9 minute” type situation is set to take place on 9th September, the 9th month of the year, at 9 PM for 9 minutes. But this time, the issue and the message will be different. The lightening of diyas or mobile flashlights will no longer be made to thank COVID-19 duty warriors, instead, it will be done to address the ongoing issues and problems in the country.

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Who started the trend of #9Baje9Minute on Twitter?

The trend is popularized by a user named Hansraj Meena, a verified Twitter user. He is an activist. The issue on which people are expected to unite are:

  • To fight unemployment
  • Privatization by the government of public sector
  • Government conducting exams at the time of COVID-19

These are among many issues that youth and the people are facing in India today. They have been asked by Hansraj Meena to unite and protest against the government. This will be done by staying at home, switching off the lights and lighting diyas, or using mobile torch lights on 9th September at 9 PM for 9 minutes.

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