Why Hindustani Bhau Stopped Making Videos? What Happened to Hindustani Bhau?

Hindustani Bhau, the original name being Vikas Phatak, shares his voice on the wrongdoings happening in the country. He does reply to those living in India and outside India, who abuse India. Bhau replies to them in his own trademark style which many consider offensive.

So on 18th July Hindustani Bhau uploaded a video on his official Instagram account saying he won’t make any videos from now on against those who speak ill about India. So what exactly made Hindustani Bhau quit his work on social media. Let’s find out.

Why Hindustani Bhau won’t make videos from now on?

To understand why Hindustani Bhau stopped making further videos, we first have to understand what exactly made him quit, which is linked to Agrima Joshua-Shubham Mishra controversy. A week earlier, controversy arose when a video of comedian Agrima Joshua went viral on social media.

Agrima Joshua-Shubham Mishra-Shivaji Maharaj controversy

Agrima Joshua, a stand-up comedian made a joke on the government about their plan to make a statue of Shivaji Maharaj across the Arabian Sea. This was not well received by the audience. The video went viral last week, after almost 1.5 years of its initial upload by the comedian. Agrima also issued an apology video for hurting the sentiments of the people.

Shubham Mishra, who is known for making videos similar to Hindustani Bhau, made abusive remarks on the comedian for insulting the great king. Shubham’s video went so viral that he had to eventually take the video down after he received a lot of backlash from the social media. A complaint was filed and Shubham was arrested for making derogatory and alleged rape threats to the comedian.

Aftermath of Shubham Mishra and backlashing of Hindustani Bhau

The video uploaded by Shubham Mishra and the backlashing he received was not just confined to him. Many users on social media went after Hindustani Bhau and also targeted his abusive style of making videos his content. Another popular comedian, Gaurav Kapoor’s video on Hindustani Bhau and Shubham Mishra went viral on Instagram which was viewed by more than 2.5 million people.

In his video, Gaurav said we have made these kinds of people (Shubham, Bhau) a hero, having no talent. They just make abusive content. He also said what kind of people are we idolizing? What kind of people are we making our heroes? Gaurav’s video was supported by the entire community of comedians. Netizens also supported his move in the video, again backlashing Hindustani Bhau. It should also be seen that Bhau has not confirmed if this is the real reason he quit making videos on YouTube and Instagram.

What happens after Hindustani Bhau quits making videos?

Bhau in his video also said that so-called “Noble” people don’t like his way of making abusive videos. He then said he will only be a spectator and watch how these “Noble” people make videos on people abusing India. Bhau also said he will conduct live Instagram sessions occasionally for his fans. He has officially called-off his plans to make further videos.

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