Memebai Police: Why Mumbai Police Referred to Memebai Police on Social Media? What is Memebai Police?

When it comes to maintaining law and order or discipline across the city, Mumbai Police ranks among the best in the world. Mumbai Police is considered as the best force in India.

Apart from being productive and extremely fast in catching criminals, Mumbai Police is also the number 1 when it comes to witty and funny memes on Twitter. Ever wondered who is called Membai Police and why it is called Memebai Police. Here’s the answer.

Who is Called as “Memebai” Police?

Mumbai Police is called as Memebai Police on Twitter.

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Why Mumbai Police is Referred to as “Memebai” Police?

Whenever a new trend is being followed in meme-making, we often see Mumbai Police coming up with memes featuring awareness and safety. Even if there are no trending memes, Mumbai Police usually creates pictures on awareness in the most witty and humorous way. This has led to a new name of the Police. Since Mumbai Police makes “memes” the “Mum” in Mumbai Police gets replaced by “Meme”. This gives a new name to which is Memebai Police. As Memebai and Mumbai sounds familiar and seem rhyming, we often see Mumbai Police getting replaced by the Memebai Police.

This is the sole reason as to why Mumbai Police is referred to as Memebai Police.

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Best, wittiest and hilarious tweets by Mumbai “Memebai” Police

These memes or tweets are made by Mumbai Police to spread awareness.

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