Why #RIPBala is Trending on Twitter? Who is RIP Bala?

Many actors have passed away in recent times. The numbers skyrocketed, especially after the COVID pandemic. So, who is Bala? Is Bala an actor? Why #RIPBala is trending on Twitter today in India?

Here’s the answer as to who exactly is Bala and why is he trending on Twitter today.

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Who is #RIPBala?

RIP Bala is a trending term. There’s a Twitter account that goes by the name of Bala Vijay. It is this very account on whom this trend of #RIPBala is all about. According to his Twitter account bio, he is a fan of Thalapathy Vijay, Dhoni, Raina, and he is a Yuvan addict. He also has a profile picture of actor Vijay. He had a Twitter handle with the name of @AlwaysLonely07.

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Why RIP Bala is trending on Twitter?

On 11th August, the account which we are talking about, Bala, tweeted this tweet. He reportedly committed suicide on 13th August.

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The last line from his tweet in Tamil translates to “Everyone hates me”. As pointed out by Twitteratis, the primary reason for Bala’s death was suicide. He was also likely depressed. The confirm reason for suicide is still not known. Many fan pages of Vijay have also said that the reason why Bala died due to suicide is because of his life problems. His last tweet was also about his idol Vijay.

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