Why #RIPEminem is Trending on Twitter? What made #RIPEminem Trend on Twitter Today? #RIPEminem Trend Story

Many people have already fallen into the trap of fake news. The spread of fake news is just like a wild fire. It can spread in the blink of an eye. Fake news can make a dead person alive and alive person dead.

So what exactly made #RIPEminem trend on Twitter today? Has Rap God Eminem actually died? Here’s looking at who started the trend of #RIPEminem on Twitter.

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Who started #RIPEminem on Twitter?

A Twitter user who goes by the user name pen “#penlatteo TWEET LIMIT” with Twitter handle @LEVICUMSOCK started the #RIPEminem on Twitter. He tweeted, “i have killed eminem”.

The tweet that possibly triggered the #RIPEminem Trend on Twitter.

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It is not 100% known whether it was this particular tweet that triggered the #RIPEminem hashtag. As the trending hashtag in this tweet was nowhere to be seen. But if you go through his/her Twitter handle, you will notice that this account has tweeted several dozens of tweets with #RIPEminem hashtag. The hashtag is used while uploading random videos and writing #RIPEminem in the tweet. This somehow got multiplied and people started noticing.

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What Happened After #RIPEminem Trend on Twitter?

So, people realized the humour behind this tweet. They started using the hashtag in every funny tweet. Several hundreds of tweets were flooded with the #RIPEminem hashtag. Most of them had the memes behind these tweets. People started using #RIPEminem hashtag and uploading other famous people’s photo instead. Here are some humorous tweets behind the #RIPEminem hashtag.

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So long story short, Eminem is well and alive. This #RIPEminem trend was just like any other rumor trend on Twitter.

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