Why Vidyut Jammwal is Trending Today on 21st July 2020? What Made Vidyut Jammwal Trend Today?

Vidyut Jammwal is an Indian actor and a trained martial artist. Vidyut is known to perform his stunts all by himself. Vidyut appears mostly in Hindi and Telugu cinema. His most famous work is in Commando film series.

Vidyut has 2 movies coming up in a few weeks time. But what made him trend across the internet today? He has not spoken of something controversial. Let’s find out why Vidyut Jammwal is trending today.

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Why Vidyut Jammwal is trending today?

So a video was uploaded by a YouTube channel named TheRichest on “10 People You Don’t Want To Mess With”. TheRichest is an American YouTube channel and they usually upload the videos on amazing facts, interesting people on earth. It was a proud moment for Vidyut Jammwal and India as he also featured in the video. His work did receive attention from American viewers and he got global reach through the video.

The video was uploaded way back in April 2020. It was not until today when the video caught the attention of Indian people. TheRichest’s video was widely shared on Twitter and Instagram which made him trend across social media.

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Vidyut Jammwal’s in TheRichest famous YouTube video

Vidyut Jammwal in TheRichest video alongside Putin, Bear Grylls

In the video uploaded by TheRichest, it mentions about the top 10 people we shouldn’t mess with. The video featured bodybuilders, people practicing martial artists, Kung fu, and black belt holders. The video also featured Vito Pirbazari, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and survival expert Bear Grylls. Even Vidyut Jammwal made it to the list and a detailed explanation was given about his work.

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Vidyut, not able to control his excitement shared this post on Twitter.

About TheRichest YouTube channel

TheRichest YouTube channel has near about 15 million subscribers and over 5270+ million video views on YouTube alone. TheRichest is among the top 200 highest viewed channels on YouTube.

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