A Suitable Boy Episodes Release Date and Time: Upcoming Episodes Release Date of “A Suitable Boy” on BBC One

A Suitable Boy is a television mini-series. Set in the 1950s, post-independence era of India, the series focuses on the life of Indians at that time and perspective on inter-caste marriages of people. A Suitable Boy is an official adaption of the 1993 novel of the same name.

The mini-series directed by Mira Nair will comprise of a total of 6 episodes. The first episode of A Suitable Boy aired on BBC One on 26th July. Here we look at the release date and time of upcoming episodes of A Suitable Boy.

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Release Date and Time of A Suitable Boy Upcoming Episodes on BBC One

The first episode of the series aired on BBC One at 09:00 PM, Sunday on 26th July 2020. All the remaining 5 episodes of A Suitable boy are going to air at the same time, every Sunday.

Episode No. of A Suitable BoyRelease DateRelease TimeRelease Platform
Episode 126th July 2020, Sunday09:00 PMBBC One and BBC iPlayer
Episode 22nd August 2020, Sunday09:00 PMBBC One and BBC iPlayer
Episode 39th August 2020, Sunday09:00 PMBBC One and BBC iPlayer
Episode 416th August 2020, Sunday09:00 PMBBC One and BBC iPlayer
Episode 523rd August 2020, Sunday09:00 PMBBC One and BBC iPlayer
Episode 630th August 2020, Sunday09:00 PMBBC One and BBC iPlayer

Time mentioned for A Suitable Boy above are according to United Kingdom’s local time.

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The above timings are according to the local time of the UK. As of now, A Suitable Boy web series will be broadcasted only in UK on BBC One. As of now, A Suitable Boy has not been released officially in any of the countries except the UK. So you cannot stream, watch, and download A Suitable Boy in countries such as India, Australia, the US, Canada, etc.

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Where to watch A Suitable Boy apart from BBC One

Apart from watching A Suitable Boy on television at BBC One channel, you can also stream and download the series from BBC iPlayer, minutes after the episode completes on television. As said earlier, A Suitable Boy is only available to the UK audiences as of now.

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