Abhay Season 2 Episodes List, Run-Time, Duration, Length of Each Episode

Abhay 2 is the crime-thriller web series. The show was released exclusively on the Zee5 OTT platform. The web series’ first season was released in 2019. After playing a cop in Abhay Season 1, Kunal Khemu was roped in again to play the role in action hero cop in the 2nd season of the hit show Abhay.

Abhay season 2 was released on 14th August. Only the 3 episodes were released initially. On 4th September, further 2 episodes were uploaded. 5 episodes were uploaded till 4th September of Abhay season 2. The final 3 episodes are set for a 29th September release. A total of 8 episodes will be live by 29th September. Readout to know more about the run-time, length, and episodes list of Kunal Khemu and Nidhi Singh starrer Abhay season 2 web series.

Abhay 2 Episodes List, Run-Time and Web Series’ Length

Abhay Season 2 Web
Series Episodes Title
Abhay 2 Episode No.Episode Run-Time/LengthRelease Date
Brain SoupSeason 2 Episode 143 minutes14th August 2020
One-Legged SkeletonSeason 2 Episode 248 minutes14th August 2020
The Game BeginsSeason 2 Episode 335 minutes14th August 2020
The 12-Hour ChallengeSeason 2 Episode 443 minutes4th September 2020
Misplaced RetributionSeason 2 Episode 538 minutes4th September 2020
The Homophobic KillerSeason 2 Episode 639 minutes29th September 2020
A Tougher ChallengeSeason 2 Episode 732 minutes29th September 2020
The Final CatchSeason 2 Episode 842 minutes30th September 2020
Table showing run-time and length of the each episode of Abhay Season 2
web series’ along with episodes title and release dates.

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Unlike its previous season, this time the makers of Abhay have taken a completely different route. Like any other web series and shows, Abhay 2 was not been released in one go. The shooting for the remaining episodes was largely pending. After completing the shooting for initial episodes in the pre-lockdown period, it became inevitable for the makers to release 3 episodes. The new episodes were in the development process as the shooting, editing, and post-production work was pending.

In season 2 of Abhay, those who have watched the show before the release of final episodes will miss the excitement of binge-watching the series. Releasing episodes weekly or like the way Abhay 2 did, it kills the fun of binge-watching, episodes wise discussions you have with your friends after watching the entire series, and lastly, you have to be beware of fan-made or leaked spoilers which completely ends the months-long wait for your favorite show/web series.

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