AHA Video Plans: How Much AHA Subscription Cost? Features After Subscribing to AHA Video

AHA Video is an OTT platform made exclusively for Telugu content. Only Telugu web series and movies are released on the AHA platform. AHA streaming service was recently launched in January this year. AHA is co-owned by Allu Aravind led Geetha Arts, a production and film distribution company. Readout to know more about AHA plans.

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AHA Pricing and Plans: AHA Subscription Cost

At present, there are 2 plans in AHA Video. One is quarterly and another yearly. The following is the pricing for the AHA video streaming service.

Rs. 149 for 3 months.
Rs. 365 for 1 year.

By subscribing you can stream full HD premium content on AHA which includes AHA produced web series and movie originals, and exclusive movie release. The following are the features that come up when you subscribe to AHA plans –

  • Access to monthly originals
  • Ad-free content
  • Download option to watch offline
  • Can be accessed on multiple devices

So far, AHA has released 6 web series and 3 movies, all of them were produced by AHA. Without having an active plan, you can still access AHA by a simple log in. However, you will not be able to access the premium originals and ad-free content.

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AHA.Video Streaming Service Availability

Along with India, AHA can be accessed by the people living across the world. AHA draws heavy traffic from the USA and UK. A small portion of people also come from Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and the Middle East. AHA can be streamed by downloading the app from Android and iOS. AHA also has a dedicated website through which you can stream and binge-watch the content.

It should also be seen that the yearly plan of Rs. 365 as on 26th July 2020 is just an introductory offer which can be changed at their discretion. It is advisable to check from the official website at aha.video before purchasing any plans.

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