Amaal Mallik-Salman Khan Controversy: What is Amaal Mallik Tweeting About Salman Khan on Twitter?

Amaal Mallik, a music director, singer, lyricist and a nephew to Anu Malik, and brother to Armaan Malik, has found himself in a fresh controversy. The 28-year old composer was needlessly trolled for all the wrong reasons. Here’s the proper timeline on what exactly happened to Amaal Mallik and whether he is really tweeting about Salman Khan.

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Amaal Mallik Latest Tweets on Salman Khan Controversy

So to understand current scenario, we first have to look at Amaal’s career. Salman gave the first break to Amaal in Jai Ho (2014) and Amaal made his breakthrough because of Salman. Amaal still accepts this fact and he is thankful to Salman even to this day.

Amaal did not start talking about Salman Khan, but his fans who address Salman as their “bhais”. So Amaal addressed Salman’s fans as “bhaitards”. The reason why Amaal called Salman’s fans bhaitards because he was constantly being trolled for no reason. Amaal had tweeted that he considers Shah Rukh Khan as his favourite actor. He respects the fact that Salman launched him but he likes SRK.

Amaal Mallik on Salman Khan

This SRK’s tweet triggered Salman’s fans. Salman’s fans wanted Amaal to like Salman more than SRK because Salman was the one who launched him, and not SRK. To ease the situation, Amaal had to come out and say that he still respects the fact that Salman launched him.

Then what all happened was the circus of Salman’s fans constantly targeting and abusing Amaal for his liking towards SRK. Amaal too, came out with befitting replies which made Salman’s fans completely shut their mouth. These are some of the series of tweets by Amaal.

As it clearly seems, Amaal’s target was not Salman Khan, infact, his “bhaitards”, as addressed by Amaal Mallik. So the controversy was not in between Salman Khan and Amaal Mallik, it was between Amaal Khan and Salman Khan’s fan army.

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