Biggini Shoot Meaning: What Does Biggini Shoot Mean? What is Biggini Shoot?

After much success of “Rasode Me Kaun Tha”, music composer and singer Yashraj Mukhate is back with another video titled “Biggini Shoot”. The original video dates back 7-8 years. The video which involves host Parvesh Rana of Bindass Emotional Atyachar show featured Poonam Sethi in that episode.

Here she mispronounced the word and said to the host that she was involved in a “Biggini Shoot”. So what does Biggini Shoot mean? Readout to know more about Biggini Shoot shoot.

Decrypting Meaning of Poonam Sethi’s Biggini Shoot

Biggini Shoot is nothing but a “Bikini Shoot”. Poonam, a guest of the show, most likely wanted to flaunt the new word she learned. It was only then that she accidentally said Biggini instead of Bikini. Talking about Bikini Shoot, it is a shoot that involves a woman, wearing two-pieces. One piece covers her upper private part, while the other piece covers her lower-middle private part. The video or photo-shoot happens mostly at the beachside or a swimming pool area.

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Yashraj Mukhate’s “Biggini Shoot” Video

Yashraj’s video was viewed by over millions of people within hours of release. Biggini Shoot video was also the #1 trending video on YouTube India.

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More About Yashraj: Who is Yashraj Mukhate?

Post “Roasde Me Kaun Tha” video success, Yash’s work has been noticed. He has amassed over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over a million followers on Instagram as of September 2020. Yash is based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. His hi-tech “YM Studios” with top-quality musical equipment are all based there. He himself composes, mixes, sings, writes and edits all of his songs. Yashraj has completed his engineering from a college in Hyderabad. He is 24 years of age.

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