“Blood of Zeus” Series Run-time, Length of Each Episode, Total Time of Series

Blood of Zeus is a Netflix original web series. It is an animated web series released exclusively on Netflix. Blood of Zeus was released worldwide on 27th October. The series was met with positive reviews.

Here, in this article, we take a look at the total run-time of the Blood of Zeus web series, length, and run-time of each episode. In short, we will look at the time that it would take to complete the entire web series.

Blood of Zeus Total Run-time and Length

Blood of Zeus Episode NameBlood of Zeus Episode NumberRun-timeRelease Date
A Call to ArmsSeason 1 Episode 128 minutes27th October
Past is PrologueSeason 1 Episode 231 minutes27th October
The RaidSeason 1 Episode 327 minutes27th October
A Monster is BornSeason 1 Episode 432 minutes27th October
Escape or DieSeason 1 Episode 526 minutes27th October
Back to OlympusSeason 1 Episode 632 minutes27th October
The Fields of the DeadSeason 1 Episode 734 minutes27th October
War for OlympusSeason 1 Episode 838 minutes27th October
TOTAL248 minutes
Table showing run-time, length and total time of Blood of Zeus web series.

In total, there are 8 episodes in the Blood of Zeus web series. The run-time of each episode is in between 26-38 minutes. The total length of 8 episodes is 248 minutes. So it will take 248 minutes or 4 hours and 8 minutes to complete the entire 1st season of the Blood of Zeus web series. At the time when people easily binge watch 6-8 hours of series, this Blood of Zeus series with just 4 hours long definitely looks that it will get completed in one go.

So if you are interested in Greek mythology and the gods and other characters related to it, you should give Blood of Zeus a must try.

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