BTS Dynamite Release Time and Date: BTS Dynamite Video Release Time on YouTube: Asia

BTS (Bangtan Boys) Dynamite is an upcoming single set to be released on YouTube. The BTS’ single is titled “Dynamite”. The BTS’ song “Dynamite” will be the second fully recorded in the English language. Upon releasing the song, the BTS group said,

“Due to COVID-19, people around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to share some positive energy with our fans.”

BTS announced that the song would release worldwide on 21st August. Here’s looking at the release time of BTS’ song “Dynamite” on YouTube in the Asia region.

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BTS Dynamite Release Time and Release Date on YouTube

BTS Dynamite Release in Countries (Asia Region)BTS Dynamite Release TimeBTS Dynamite Release Date
South Korea01:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Japan01:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Malaysia12:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Singapore12:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Indonesia11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 01:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Philippines12:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Vietnam11:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Taiwan12:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Papa New Guinea02:00 PM and 03:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Thailand11:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
India09:30 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Pakistan10:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Bangladesh09:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Kuwait07:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Oman08:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Qatar07:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
United Arab Emirates (UAE)08:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Israel07:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Saudi Arabia07:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Hong Kong12:00 PM21st August 2020, Friday
Turkey07:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Bahrain07:00 AM21st August 2020, Friday
Table showing the release time of BTS Dynamite in Asia.

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BTS band, in their video, has specifically mentioned the time at which the DYNAMITE song video shall go live. In the video, they have said the DYNAMITE song will release on 21st August, according to the 12:00 AM of Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 13:00 PM of Korean Standard Time (KST). We have made this list of timings as per the time mentioned in the video. So this we have made a whole list of countries with the exact release time of BTS’ new song Dynamite.

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