Chocolate TV Series Cast Characters, Storyline – Tamil TV Serial

Chocolate is an Indian Tamil language TV series. It is an official remake of Malayalam TV series of the same name.

About Chocolate Series

The main story of the movie is about a girl named Iniya who makes delicious mouth-watering dark chocolate cookies. Another main lead, Vikram is a wealthy businessman. Situations force Iniya to quit her hobby until she crosses path with Vikram. Whether she will be able to bring back her hobby of making chocolate cookies along with her love for Vikram is the main part of story.

Chocolate TV series cast also includes Pallavi portrayed by Vandana Brundha.

Chocolate TV series comes on Sun TV. Running time of each episodes comes at around 20-25 minutes.

As of 31st March which was the last episode of Chocolate TV series, had released a total of 84 episodes. The shooting for which has been halted due to ongoing lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once the lockdown opens up the shooting for Chocolate TV series is set to be resumed. At present Azhagar serves as the director of the Chocolate TV serial. Several fans have been waiting for Chocolate TV serial’s return. The show airs every day at 7.00 PM IST.

The Sun TV has retelecasted Chocolate in the lockdown. There are several characters in Chocolate. Some characters are main characters while many are recurring characters.

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Chocolate TV serial cast

Central Characters

Priyanka Kumar as Iniya. Priyanka is the main female lead in Chocolate. A religious and family girl eventually falls in love with Vikram.

Priyanka Kumar is a model as well as an actress who works in Kannada and Tamil serials. The 20-year-old actor also appeared in Radha Ramana and Krishna Tulasi

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Rahul Ravi as Vikram.

Rahul Ravi is the main male cast in the Chocolate serial. Rahul also starred in the Malayalam version of Chocolate in which he was the main lead. Rahul works in Malayalam and Tamil serials.

Vandana Brundha as Pallavi

Vandana plays the role of another female lead but in a negative role. Her role is of an important one as she comes as a barrier between Vikram and Iniya in the Chocolate serial. Vandana’s main work lies in the Kannada industry where she has appeared in numerous TV serials.

Recurring Characters

Mamilla Shailaja Priya as Renuka, Vikram’s mother

Abhishek Shankar as Sanjay, Vikram’s father

Akshitha Ashok as Vaishali, Vikram’s sister

Ravikumar as Narayanan, Vikram’s grandfather

Swapna as Ramya, Vikram’s aunt

Moses R Wilky as Ramesh, Vikram’s uncle

Vignesh Reddy as Rahul, Vikram’s cousin

Gayathri Priya as Sivagami, Iniya’s mother

Sathish as Vasudevan, Iniya’s father

Rithika as Amrudha, Iniya’s sister

Bhanuprakash as Pallavi’s father

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