Cobra Kai Pawn Shop Owner Name: Who is the Pawn Shop Owner in Netflix’s Cobra Kai Show?

Cobra Kai is action-comedy television drama series. The series made its debut on YouTube. Only the users with YouTube Red (YouTube Premium) access were allowed to watch the show. Thereafter, 28th August onwards, Netflix acquired the rights to air the Cobra Kai along with renewing the season 3 of the show.

When Cobra Kai released on Netflix, the response was largely positive. Along with many people who have sure won the hearts of the audience, one of them is the Pawn Shop owner. So here’s looking at the character who played the pawn shop owner in Cobra Kai.

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Actor Who Played Pawn Shop Owner in Cobra Kai

When Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) goes to with the old items and other stuff, he goes to a pawn shop. The pawn shop owner gives him way too little price than expected. But the audience really loved the character of the owner.

Johnny (William) at pawn shop. Photo Credits: Netflix | Cobra Kai

The character who played pawn shop owner is named Matthew Borlenghi in real life. His character is named as “Lyle” who acts as the pawn shop owner.

Matthew Borlenghi =, Pawn Shop owner. Photo Credits: Netflix | Cobra Kai

His character appeared in the Season 1 of Episode 5 named “Counterbalance”. He appeared from 16:00 to 17:30 in a 30-minutes long episode.

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Will there be Season 3 of Cobra Kai?

After Netflix acquired the rights to air the show, it was also agreed that Netflix would be developing the upcoming season of Cobra Kai. Season 3 of the show will go on floors in the year 2021.

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