Deepika Padukone About SSR & “Repeat After Me” Statements: Deepika Padukone’s Statements On Sushant

With each passing day, Sushant’s case is taking several twists and turns. New revelations are being made on a daily basis. Sushant’s case, from what was known as suicide is now believed to be a murder.

Deepika Padukone is making several headlines on social media. She is getting trolled by the netizens. Here’s looking at what exactly Deepika said on Sushant Singh Rajput and what is “Repeat After Me”.

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Deepika Padukone About Sushant Singh Rajput: What did she say?

On 14th June, several Bollywood personalities came up with the “depression” theory as the reason for Sushant’s death. It became a subject of national debate. Unlike others, Deepika didn’t express her sympathy directly about Sushant. She started talking about her illness and depression. This is her official statement on what she was indirectly referring to Sushant’s death:

“As a person who has had a lived experience with mental illness, I cannot stress enough about the importance of reaching out. Talk.Communicate. Express.Seek help. Remember, You are not alone. We are in this together. And most importantly, there is hope.”

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Initially, people liked her message on how she has come out of her depression. Later on, when the facts came out about Sushant’s alleged murder, people started bashing Deepika. The reasons for bashing were:

  • Why Deepika and her PR team always come up with her depression theory?
  • Why Deepika wants to gain sympathy for her?
  • Why Deepika is not standing by Sushant, an actor from the same Bollywood fraternity?
  • She was prompt enough to sell her depression theory and when the time came, why Deepika is not speaking a word about CBI for SSR?

For people who don’t know, Deepika was a patient of depression during her rough patch, which she overcame years back.

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What is “Repeat After Me”? Deepika Padukone Repeat After Me

Deepika Padukone’s repeat after me statements became a subject of trolls and is still being used. So whenever you come across “Repeat After Me”, just remember people are making a direct reference to Deepika Padukone. So what is the reference of “Repeat After Me” to Deepika Padukone? After Sushant’s death, Deepika, a former patient of depression, posted several tweets on how depression is curable, and how it is an illness. All of her messages started with “Repeat After Me”. These are some of the tweets made by Deepika Padukone, beginning with “Repeat After Me”:

Photo credits: @deepikapadukone | Twitter
Photo credits: @deepikapadukone | Twitter
Photo credits: @deepikapadukone | Twitter

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Now that the CBI team is inching close to Sushant’s murder, Deepika has become a subject of troll since her claim of depression did not go in her way. So this is the reason how “Repeat After Me” statements became a target for trolls.

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