Deepika Padukone is Losing Followers on Instagram and Twitter Post Drug Chats Reveal

Ever since the tragic demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, new controversies and revelations have come out. News and involvement of the top actors in drug cartels have shocked fans and followers. The names include several A-list Bollywood celebrities. These controversies have tarnished the image of Bollywood to a great extent.

Speaking of Deepika Padukone, after her drug chat where she is clearly been seen asking for “maal” which includes “hash” and “weed”, her followers on Instagram and Twitter has seen a southern trend.

Are Followers of Deepika Padukone Decreasing on Instagram and Twitter?

Deepika has over 52 million followers on Instagram and 27+ million followers on Twitter as of September 2020. The followers and following activity are higher on Instagram as compared to Twitter. Celebrities with 50+ million followers have at least a 20,000-25,000 increase in followers. Looking into Deepika’s stats from 11th September till 22nd September, there has been a net increase of just 3000 followers on Instagram in these 12 days.

Stats of Deepika Padukone’s Instagram activity.

The data is taken from social media activity website named Deepika’s net increase of 3000 increase in followers is considered to be nothing when we take other popular profiles on Instagram.

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Deepika’s Decrease in Followers on Twitter

On Twitter, Deepika is not active for the past 2 months. Taking the same period from 11th September to 22nd September, Deepika has a net increase of mere 1142 followers in these 12 days. With over 27 million people following Deepika on Twitter, a daily increase of 10,000-15,000 is considered to be a normal activity of followers.

Is Deepika Padukone Losing Followers on Instagram and Twitter Post Drug Chats Reveal? Decreasing followers on Deepika Padukone.
Stats of Deepika Padukone’s Twitter activity.

The followers are expected to further decrease in the coming weeks on both Instagram and Twitter. Deepika’s followers on social media can see a major dip if her drug scandal worsens the situation. In that scenario, her followers making a rise is considered next to impossible. It will make the matter only worse. At present, Deepika faced a backlash from people across social media for bringing up her depression theory again and again, without any context. Her name is also involved in the drug syndicate which NCB is in the process of investigating and the video of Karan Johar’s alleged drug party is also investigated by the NCB side-by-side.

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