Who dies in The Fault In Our Stars? The Fault In Our Stars ending

The fault in our stars is an American 2014 released romantic drama movie. The movie is based on the 2012 novel of the same name. The movie was made just on a budget of $12 million and went on grossing more than $300 million. The movie has been remade in Hindi with Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi in the leads.

Here we look at the actor who dies at the end of “The Fault In Our Stars” movie.

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Who dies at the end of The Fault In Our Stars

No one likes death. If it is a 2-hour long movie and when everyone gets attached to the character, the only thing audience hopes for is the happy ending. The lead actor who goes by the name Augustus “Gus” Waters dies in the end. The movie takes a sudden turn and the audience is left in shock. After the second half of the movie when everyone thinks that Hazel, the actress, and Augustus’ girlfriend will get cured or she will die, Augustus reveals that his cancer has returned.

Earlier in the movie, it was shown that Augustus had cancer but somehow he got cured on time. When Augustus reveals his cancer, Hazel is left heart-broken. Augustus invites his girlfriend Hazel and his best friend Issac to his pre-funeral where they read out eulogies prepared for him. After a week of staying in hospital Augustus bids adieu to his life.

Hindi remake titled Dil Bechara

The Hindi remake of “The Fault In Our Stars” is titled as Dil Bechara which will be released on 24 July on OTT platform Hotstar.

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