Disha Salian Instagram Profile: Disha’s Last Post on Instagram

Ever since the sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, new discoveries are getting unearthed. Disha Salian died under mysterious circumstances on 8th June, Monday. Initially, it was looked at as the case of suicide. Now it seems Disha’s case is of alleged murder. Disha was ex-manager of Sushant.

Disha Salian Instagram Profile

Disha’s last post on Instagram came on 8th June, the day she died. Disha’s Instagram profile is @disha265. She was very much active on Instagram. She died on the early morning of 8th June.

Disha Salian Instagram profile.

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It was hard to believe for everyone that how can a person die despite looking all normal? Just days after Disha’s death, the news of Sushant’s demise broke out. Sushant’s demise has brought a sudden shock and anger in the minds of people. At the time of her death, Disha, with her fiancee Rohan Rai were partying in their newly purchased flat in Malad West. The couple was accompanied by 4 people, mostly Disha’s friends. 3 men and 1 woman.

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Disha Salian-Sushant Singh Rajput connection

People have linked Sushant’s death directly to that of Disha’s. Several conspiracy theories floated around Disha’s death. Many even talked about her relation with Sooraj Pancholi. This claim was, however, rubbished by Disha’s family members. What others have said is how can these two people die just 7 days apart? These are some facts that people are unable to digest.

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Disha Salian Folder Deleted by Mumbai Police

When Bihar Police went to Mumbai Police of Malwani Police Station, for accessing the files and folders related to Disha’s case, they said the folder inadvertently got deleted. This kind of behavior along with many other negligence have seriously raised eyebrows in Disha and Sushant’s death case. Disha Salian’s age at the time of her death was 28 years old.

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Disha Salian Family Members

Disha Salian’s family members comprised of her brother Vijay Salian, her father Satish Salian, and mother Vasanti Salian. She lived at Dadar with her parents.

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