Disha Salian Sooraj Pancholi Picture: How True is This Picture of Disha With Sooraj?

Ever since the tragic demise of Disha Salian, many facts have emerged and strange things have taken place. With the investigation being termed as highly flawed with the police missing out many loopholes, the case of Disha Salian looks far from over.

At present, Sooraj Pancholi’s name has emerged in Disha Salian’s alleged murder case. Rumour has it that Sooraj was the key person behind the death of Disha Salian and possibly Sushant Singh Rajput as well. Here is a photo of Disha Salian with Sooraj.

Sooraj Pancholi with Disha Salian Photo

This is the following pic of Sooraj Pancholi that many social media accounts are claiming it to be Disha Salian in it.

Alleged photo of Sooraj with Disha.

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Disha Salian Sooraj Pancholi Conspiracy Theory

Days after Disha died of mysterious circumstances, news emerged that she was carrying Sooraj’s baby. Sooraj somehow got to know about it and he killed Disha. Sooraj had to publicly come out and say that this news was fake. He had never known who Disha was. In fact, he has never met Disha in his life. Many netizens claimed Sooraj lied to media. This photo besides Sooraj (in cap) is Disha. So how true is this photo?

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Is Sooraj’s Pic With Disha True?

This photo has, however, turned out to be a complete fake. The girl besides Sooraj is her friend Anushri Gaur who doesn’t even live in India. She lives in the US and the photo is from 2016. The photo went so viral that Sooraj had to come out and clarify on Instagram. The other girl is Athiya Shetty, daughter of Suniel Shetty.

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