Disney Channel schedule today 31st July 2020

Disney Channel is a television channel that is specially made for kids and telecasts programs specially designed for children. It is one of the 4 Disney channels operating in India. Disney Channel telecasts the shows in 4 languages namely Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, English. Various shows are telecasted on Disney Channel. Disney Channel airs multiple shows and serials in animated versions.

The following are the show timings for Disney Channel in India.

Disney Channel today schedule

Disney Channel show timings

Disney Channel Live TV Schedule 31st July 2020Show Start Time
Phineas And Ferb11:46 PM
Bhaagam Bhaag12:07 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag12:18 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag12:29 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag12:40 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag12:51 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag01:01 AM
Phineas And Ferb01:12 AM
Oye Golu01:34 AM
Oye Golu01:45 AM
Oye Golu01:56 AM
Oye Golu02:07 AM
Oye Golu02:18 AM
Oye Golu02:28 AM
Oye Golu02:39 AM
Oye Golu02:50 AM
Oye Golu03:02 AM
Oye Golu03:12 AM
Oye Golu03:23 AM
Oye Golu03:34 AM
Oye Golu03:46 AM
Oye Golu03:57 AM
Oye Golu04:08 AM
Oye Golu04:19 AM
Oye Golu04:30 AM
Oye Golu04:42 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag04:53 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag05:03 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag05:14 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag05:25 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag05:37 AM
Bhaagam Bhaag05:48 AM
Art Attack06:00 AM
Art Attack06:21 AM
Kiteretsu06:54 AM
Boboiboy07:20 AM
Doraemon07:38 AM
Doraemon08:00 AM
Doraemon08:20 AM
Doraemon08:30 AM
Doraemon08:51 AM
Doraemon09:31 AM
Doraemon09:52 AM
Selfie With Bajrangi10:02 AM
Selfie With Bajrangi10:12 AM
Doraemon10:35 AM
Doraemon10:56 AM
Doraemon11:06 AM
Doraemon11:26 AM
Doraemon12:00 PM
Doraemon12:34 PM
Bapu12:45 PM
Doraemon12:56 PM
Bapu01:16 PM
Doraemon01:28 PM
Nobita In Gol Gol Golmaal02:02 PM
Bapu04:03 PM
Doraemon04:14 PM
Doraemon04:48 PM
Doraemon05:22 PM
Doraemon05:42 PM
Doraemon06:03 PM
Doraemon06:23 PM
Kiteretsu06:56 PM
Doraemon07:30 PM
Doraemon07:51 PM
Doraemon08:13 PM
Upin & Ipin08:25 PM
Upin & Ipin08:32 PM
Upin & Ipin08:37 PM
Mickey Mouse08:43 PM
Doraemon08:57 PM
Doraemon09:19 PM
Kiteretsu09:27 PM
Boboiboy09:59 PM
Bhaagam Bhaag10:19 PM
Bhaagam Bhaag10:30 PM
Doraemon10:49 PM
Doraemon11:10 PM
Phineas And Ferb11:32 PM
Phineas And Ferb11:52 PM

The above-mentioned programs are the serials list and show timings for Disney Channel in India.

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