&flix (and flix) schedule today 15th July 2020

&flix tv channel is an English language movie channel. &flix telecasts blockbuster Hollywood movies. The movies which are telecasted in the &flix channel are wholly in the English language. The schedule and programs consist of western films. The channel is also available in HD format named &flix HD. Although &flix and &flix HD channels are different, the movies, timings, and schedule remains the same.

The following is the schedule of movies on &flix and &flix HD.

&flix and &flix HD today’s schedule

&flix and &flix HD show timings

&flix and &flix HD schedule today 15th July 2020Show Start Time
Brightburn11:24 PM
Boyka: Undisputed12:55 AM
Once Upon a Time in Venice02:53 AM
Rush04:49 AM
The Reef06:58 AM
Miss Bala08:20 AM
Escape Room10:16 AM
The Ugly Truth12:04 PM
The Angry Birds Movie01:46 PM
Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid03:24 PM
Slaughterhouse Rulez05:04 PM
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse06:57 PM
Black Hawk Down09:00 PM
Anaconda 3: Offspring11:34 PM

The above-mentioned schedule is the movie list that will be aired on the &flix and &flix HD television channel.

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