Hotstar’s PariWar Series Episodes List, Run-Time, and Subtitles

PariWar is the latest web series released on Disney+ Hotstar platform. In June, Hotstar has announced that it will release 7 big Bollywood movies exclusively on its platform. The OTT giant is back with yet another web series.

PariWar is the latest addition in Hotstar original web series in the lockdown period after Sushmita Sen’s Aarya and Hostages Season 2. After PariWar was released on Hotstar on 23rd September, many people have been wondering PariWar web series’ run time and episodes list. Here’s revealing everything you need to know about this latest Hotstar web series’ length and the list of episodes.

PariWar Web Series Length Time and Episodes List

Pariwar Web Series
Episode Name
Episode No.Episode Run-timeRelease Date
Heart Attack125 minutes23rd September 2020
Vidhur Ashram224 minutes23rd September 2020
Mrityuvijay Jaap320 minutes23rd September 2020
Dangal421 minutes23rd September 2020
Pari-War524 minutes23rd September 2020
Natyamandir627 minutes23rd September 2020
Table showing PariWar web series’ run-time, episodes, and release date.

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There are only 6 episodes in the PariWar web series, with run-time ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. The total run-time or length of the web series is 141 minutes or 2 hours and 21 minutes. PariWar’s run time is almost similar to the run time of a movie. There is a psychology behind releasing the show into a web series and not in the movie form. The excitement of binge-watching, discussing the episodes with your friends is not possible if released otherwise. So the makers have convertedPariWar into a 6-part web series.

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Audio and Subtitles language of PariWar web series

PariWar web series is fully made in the Hindi language. The makers have decided to keep it in the Hindi language itself, with no intention to dub the series in any other language. Speaking of subtitles, an option for English language subtitles is available.

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