How Many Episodes in SonyLIV’s JL50 Web Series? Complete Episodes List of JL50 Web Series

JL50 web series released on 3rd September at around 10:00 PM itself. The show got released 2 hours before the expected release time. Upon release, SonyLIV’s original web series received a good response from the audience and critics.

JL50 web series was the first of its kind to be released in India. Time travel and a plane crash is not something the Indian filmmakers have tried for the audience. This article provides accurate information about the number of episodes in SonyLIV’s JL50 web series.

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JL50 Web Series How Many Episodes?

JL50 Season 1 Episodes NameEpisodes No.Run Time
The CrashS1E130 minutes
The ConspiracyS1E233 minutes
The UnfoldingS1E333 minutes
The Other PlanS1E442 minutes
Episodes and run time of JL50 Web Series

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Audiences who have watched the series seemed a bit confused. How come only 4 episodes in JL50? Are other episodes are pending for release on the side of SonyLIV? There is no mistake on the side of SonyLIV. There are only 4 episodes in the JL50 web series. JL50 web series is more of a mini-web series than a full-fledged show.

Initially, JL50 was shot as a movie instead of a web series. There is a psychology behind releasing the show into a web series and not in the movie form. The excitement of binge-watching, discussing the episodes with your friends is not possible if released otherwise. So the makers have converted JL50 into a 4-part mini-series.

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