Is “#Alive” Netflix Movie Available in the English Language? Alive Korean Movie 2020

Alive is a South-Korean movie released in June 2020 in Korea and on 8th September on Netflix. The movie is based on zombie apocalypse that strikes the country of South Korea. This article provides the accurate information whether or not “Alive” movie is available in the language other than Korean.

Alive Movie Available in English Language on Netflix?

As Alive is the South Korean movie, many people thought the movie won’t make its English release. The movie had only been made on Korean language. Alive was then dubbed into English language for the international audience after Netflix acquired the international distribution rights of the movie. So apart from Korean language, “Alive” movie will also release in English language.

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Alive Korean Movie Subtitles

Apart from Korean language subtitles, Alive movie has also released with English language subtitles. So long story short, despite being a Korean survival based movie, Alive will also release with audio and subtitles in English language.

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Alive Movie Run-time

Alive movie has a run-time of 1 hour and 39 minutes or 99 minutes.

About Alive Movie

A long 4 minute trailer was released on YouTube. The movie is based on a virus that converts everyone into zombies upon biting. A boy who live streams his games watches the chaos on the streets and locks himself in his room who is in desperate need to find his way out.

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