Is JL50 Web Series Based on a True Story? What is the Real Story of the JL50 Plane?

Set in Lava, West Bengal, India, the JL50 web series talks about a missing aircraft named “JL50 Plane” that inadvertently goes missing only to appear 35 years later in an unusual circumstance. The JL50 trailer dropped by SonyLIV does not mention anything regarding this web series inspired by true events. However, we have tried to establish some links. Let’s have a look.

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JL50 Plane Real Story: Is JL50 Web Series Based on a True Story?

Talking about the JL50 plane, there is no such airplane in the history of India that has disappeared in 1984 and appeared later on after 35 years, in a perfect flying condition. Even if we take the entire world’s aviation history, there hasn’t been any such case either. Since the time humans have started flying airplanes, many flights have disappeared. There is no documentation of an aircraft that has been reported to hover again after a period of three-and-a-half-decades, in a perfect flying condition. Here’s the link to missing airplanes, as documented by Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, there is no such mention of an airplane named JL50 or any other aircraft carrier that mysteriously reappeared after a span of 35 years.

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Is JL50 Web Series Inspired from a US Based Article?

Years earlier, there was an article that reported about a plane that had gone missing in 1955 named Flight 914 and landed back again, after a period of 37 years. This news was widely circulated in the United States and was considered a real story. This was, however, debunked after a while and was found to be a work of fiction. There is a possibility that the plot of SonyLIV’s JL50 web series might have been inspired by this fictional story.

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Is JL50 Plane Mystery Similar to Santiago Flight 513?

Apart from the above-mentioned missing of Flight 914, there was another report published by a US-based newspaper named Weekly World News. The article stated that a plane was lost, reappeared 37 years later. Skeletons of the entire crew, pilots, and passengers were in place. These reports were rubbished later on when the people eventually found out that there was no such evidence to support this claim. Although fictional, the story of Flight 914 is completely different from Santiago Flight 513.

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