Is Lucy In The Sky Based On A True Story? Real-Life Story Explained

Lucy in the Sky is an American drama movie directed by Noah Hawley. Lucy in the Sky is based on a true story. The movie depicts the real-life experiences of NASA astronauts from the year 2007. The movie starring Natalie Portman in the lead was released in October last year. Although the movie opened to negative reviews and declared as a box office bomb, critics praised Natalie Portman’s acting skills.

Lucy In The Sky True Story

Lucy in the Sky is based on Lisa Nowak’s life. Lisa Nowak was a real-life NASA astronaut. Lisa has spent a total of 13 days in space. Lisa was responsible for handling NASA’s robotic arms of the shuttle and International Space Station.

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Lisa Nowak In NASA

Lisa was selected to be an astronaut in NASA in the year 1996. Before commissioned to NASA, Lisa worked at the United States Navy. Lisa was sent to space in 2006 almost for 13 days as a member of the STS-121 crew that was assigned to the International Space Station. For her astounding work in the STS-121 crew, Lisa was awarded NASA Space light Medal.

Lisa Nowak In Lucy In The Sky

Character portrayed by Natalie Portman as Lucy Cola is loosely based on real-life events by Lisa Nowak when she was still working at NASA. In the movie, Lucy Cola returns to Earth after her first mission in outer space. Lucy gets involved in a relationship with her colleague named Mark Goodwin. Lucy knows Mark Goodwin since 1996 during NASA’s training days. The character of Mark Goodwin is based on real-life American test pilot and NASA astronaut William Oefelein.

After getting bored with her supportive husband, Lucy starts spending time with the astronauts who have traveled in space and gradually starts developing a relationship with Mark Goodwin.

Mark Goodwin’s involvement with Erin Eccles, another real-life character based on real-life U.S. Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman’s character, somewhat frustrates Lucy.

New and young female astronaut Erin and her relationship with Mark Goodwin, who himself was already in a relationship with Lucy, makes Lucy feel furious. She further discovers the emails exchanged between Mark and Erin confirming their involvement with each other.

Seeking to take revenge, Lucy, or Lisa Nowak in real life, attempts to kidnap William’s girlfriend Colleen Shipman from the airport where she is then accused of assault, kidnapping, and burglary.

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What Happened Afterward?

In November 2009 the case was settled after a plea deal agreed by Lisa Nowak with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to the charges.

William Oefelein confirmed his 2 years previous relationship with Lisa Nowak, before Colleen Shipman became his girlfriend. William and Lisa became first-ever astronauts ever to be dismissed from NASA. Following to which NASA released its first Code of Conduct.

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